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Exactly What Are The Different Sorts Of Symbols And Colors Employed In Muslim Marriage Cards?

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Exactly What Are The Different Sorts Of Symbols And Colors Employed In Muslim Marriage Cards?

In Muslim lifestyle, marriage Invites are often known as Nikah or Walima cards and denote the spiritual significance and rituals observed Within this Group. These playing cards are despatched out to announce the wedding ceremony and form an integral part of The full occasion. Muslim wedding ceremony playing cards are famous all over the world for their one of a kind symbols, types and colours. The presence of those options can make Nikah cards appropriate for the marriage ceremony ceremony, and without having them the function is incomplete.

Under are the different types of symbols and colours used in Muslim marriage ceremony cards.


Star and Crescent

The star and crescent are an internationally identified image of Islam and represents faith in God. This religious symbol consists of an image of the crescent moon along with a star. In Muslim culture, star and moon are viewed as the legitimate symbol of believing in almighty God. It options prominently on the wedding invitation cards as being a holy symbol and denotes the religion in God to help make the ceremony successful.


The Bismillah symbol consists of the legitimate essence of your holy Quran and denotes the name of Allah. The image displays the blessing, adoration and assist from god. This beautiful symbol is often a magnificent reminder of our romantic relationship While using the creator and all its creation. As a consequence of this attribute, Bismillah symbol is printed on Muslim wedding ceremony cards to seek the blessing and assist of god.


The Allah image signifies God, and it truly is utilized by Muslims for referring to God in Islam. It signifies religion, blessing and purity. This symbol is printed to the Muslim wedding ceremony playing cards for making the ceremony holy and divine. It is additionally thought that Allah symbol on the cardboard will tutorial the marriage to the very best of comprehending, pleasure and really like between the bride and groom.


Shahadah image means testimony of faith in god. It’s the primary pillar in the 5 pillars of Islam and indicates You can find just one God (Allah). The image of the Shahadah is printed around the Muslim wedding day cards to provide oneness Among the many friends attending the marriage. It symbolizes the sanctity, harmony and union with God.



In Muslim culture, green coloration is considered as a standard colour of Islam, and it’s got a Unique mention of their holy ebook (Quran). It absolutely was to start with utilized by the prophet and represents cleanliness, purity and nature. To Muslims, green color denotes the freshness of Islam and delivers unity between them. The Environmentally friendly coloured marriage invitation is really a common image of peace, like and harmony. It highlights the rites of a marriage and improves the grace in the ceremony. The inexperienced coloration depicts the legitimate joy of Muslim wedding ceremony.


In Muslim tradition, white color is viewed as excellent and excellent. It represents truth, kindness and positivity. It portrays the sense of currently being complete and pleased. As a result of this attribute, white coloured marriage invitations are printed to deliver peace, purity and simplicity on the marriage ceremony.

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